Why EstrogenDetox?

True health must begin before supplementation. Increasingly, herbs, and other natural medicines, are being used identically to Western medicine. Instead of addressing a problem, they are used to cover up the symptoms. However, in order to create thriving health, the root of the problem must be addressed and rectified. The roadblock to your thriving wellness–you’re vitality–must be removed.
Increasingly, people are becoming literately poisoned by the ubiquitous presence of the environmental pollutants known as xeno-estrogens. These substances, which everything is continually exposed to, wreak havoc on the endocrine system. They are then stored in the body fat, where they continue their damage. The negative consequences of these xeno-estrogens are far reaching, and effectively removing them opens the possibility of that thriving wellness–that vitality–that you know you deserve. That everyone deserves.

Men and women alike suffer the negative consequences of living in a world full of these environmental pollutants, and no one is spared. Common signs and symptoms in both men and women of the condition known as Estrogen Dominance include hormone irregularities, weight gain and trouble loosing weight, low libido and poor sexual functioning, depression and a loss of the zeal for life, and many of the commonly understood signs of aging. Research is also being done finding links to prostate cancers and issues and breast and uterine cancers and the exposure to xeno-estrogens.

As more research is being done, it is clear and evident that it is the personal responsibility of everyone to remove exposure to environmental and food sources of estrogen and to effectively detoxify estrogen from the body where it is stored (stored xeno-estrogen and even negatively effect an unborn child).

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